Sunday, March 14, 2010

Draw-a-Thon : Alice in Wonderland

Tragic TheresaPale BoyHeads up, strange naked people incoming! Just thought I'd post some of the debris that results whenever I attend Michael Alan's Draw-a-Thon... There's loads more where these came from, some of which I'll post eventually (it's just sitting around in piles, otherwise.) How to describe a Draw-a-Thon... combination life-drawing, theater, performance art and general craziness? Generally there will be a huge crowd of models with or without outrageous costumes and props, some cavorting around, some holding still, some wandering into the audience, some ranting and raving and throwing paint, you never know... And live bands, too, sometimes. Live nude bands, even. Weird? Sure, but it's fun!

The infamous Theresa cavorting around...
Theresa Cavorts

Buff LadyNude QueenNot a lot of polished stuff in this batch, it was more theatrical shenanigans than still poses this session... The theme for this show was (vaguely) Alice in Wonderland, with the new movie being projected in the background. I think the lady with the crown is one of the queens...

Floating PoseAround midnight Theresa finally stops cavorting and takes a nap...

(Floating in space, apparently... Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time...)

Singing in the Rain in the NudeSiiiiingin' in the rain in the nude! Don't ask me, man, I just draw this stuff. (She was totally putting on a happy-fluffy-musical act by this time, it was rather entertaining. This model and one of the other ladies kept coming out with hilarious non-sequiturs...)

Lots of messing around with colored inks, sumi brushes and a crowquill pen... (And I do mean mess... I have multicolored hands for the rest of the night.)

Psychedelic SocksStanding on One LegThe guy standing on one leg was pretty cool, when he saw we were trying to draw that pose, he tried to hold it as long as he could in spite of being on the verge of falling over...

And that other lady, well, I just liked her psychedelic socks.

And around midnight I started getting tired and took to doodling portraits with a crowquill, mostly... (The models were getting pretty tired too by then.)
Late Night Portrait Doodles