Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Holiday Cats and Eclipse

Okay! New Year's Resolution! Let's see if I can update this blog once a week! Instead of, you know, every other month or so... (First two weeks of January totally don't count.)

Oh no, the Year of the Tiger is almost over! (Or maybe it technically is over in some places... I can never keep Lunar New Year dates straight...) Damn it, there goes my excuse for making random tiger pictures. Oh well, before the rabbits come hopping in... here's one last round-up of Big Cats.

The tiger family was a present for my parents on their joint birthdays... The cubs are supposed to be me and my sister, of course. Waiting to wreak havoc.

The candycane tiger was this year's Christmas card - a last-minute endeavor as always, overly complicated as always, I never learn... But, you know, I HAD to do a tiger. (The bird is a red-bearded bee-eater - I wanted a small bird in red or green that might conceivably live somewhere near tiger territory, and that little guy is red and green and cute and situated in the right general area. Glad I found him. Hey, my piles of random wildlife books are actually useful, whatd'ya know!)

The snow leopard was an extra... he was meant as a second card idea, but of course that turned out to be over-ambitious, so he didn't get done until January. Call it a New Year's card.

These are all available for sale as cards and prints. Hint. (Sales pitch? What sales pitch?)
Tiger Love || Candycane Tiger || Snow Leopard

The holidays this year were rather mellow (it was so cold we mostly stayed inside and ate cookies...) But there WAS this eclipse going on. Full moon eclipse on the solstice, man! That deserves a picture. I caught most of the second half of the eclipse in the wee hours of the morning before the clouds moved in - here's my general impressions of what it looked like (from memory, photos were kind of hopeless.) The full eclipse was very smudgy and orange from where I was. If I didn't know it was an eclipse I would've thought it was a very small and very localized cloud.