Friday, April 9, 2010

Cavorting in the Cosmic Cavern

Kenny Scharf in Pink TightsBe warned, this post contains eye-searing colors and cell-phone photography! NOT something I would normally post, but last Saturday I ventured to Kenny Scharf's Cosmic Cavern for yet another Draw-a-thon... This one involved covering the models in fluorescent paint in black light. Didn't get many presentable drawings out of this, frankly (at any rate, not many that looked good in normal light. Ahem. And I forgot my pen, that didn't help.)

But the SPACE... DAMN, that's a cool space. It's in a basement, and has gobs of fluorescent glow-in-the-dark junk glued all over the walls and ceiling, it is TRIPPY, man. Apparently Kenny Scharf has been adding stuff to it for thirty years or so, there's just infinite layers of day-glo in there. Of course we weren't allowed to photograph the models or the event, so I didn't have a real camera, but afterwards I couldn't resist snapping some pix with my iPhone. Okay, so, iPhone snaps taken in black light, don't expect quality here. But I had to show this space, it really is too cool.

(Oh, that doodle over there is Kenny Scharf, he was flitting through periodically in bright pink wig and tights...)

(If this post appears twice - or several times - it's because I'm wrestling with Blogger and Picasa trying to get them to NOT MANGLE MY IMAGES arrrrggggh...) (Bear with us... I'll figure something out... hang on...) (Okay, we're good, I think... damn silly solution, but okay.)

Cosmic DetailsCosmic Details

Cozy and Casual Cosmic Lounge

The Glow-in-the-Dark Psychedelic Dollhouse...
Psychedelic Dollhouse

Glow-in-the-Dark Palm TreesHappy Chairs! Fluorescent Palm Trees! Seriously now, what's not to like!? I could totally live in this room... Happy Chairs

Various Views of the Cosmic Cavern

The ceiling was pretty amazing...
Cosmic Ceiling

The walls were amazing, too...
Cosmic Walls

Some obligatory doodles from the event... Mostly a mess, but what the heck. May as well show some of 'em. (More better drawings in the next post, promise!)