Sunday, September 18, 2011

We're Back! With Kitties!

Okay, we're back... (I hope.) With kitties! Yeah, so things have been busy and the blog kinda lapsed, this happens... BUT KITTIES MAKE IT ALL BETTER! Er, right? Actually, it's all one kitty. One huge fluffy orange kitty named "Luna" who belongs to my aunt. I visited her place this Summer, and of course fluffy kitty sketches were inevitable. Enjoy!

Dang was she a nuisance to sketch sometimes, though. She looks like a huge mound of orange fluff with eyes, it's hard to know where to even start... "Somewhere under that rug is a cat, dang it... If I could only find it..." Plus of course, being a cat, she never really holds still. Just when you think she's settled down for a nap, that's when she decides to start lolling around, or washing, or jumping off the table to go inspect the food she won't eat... Yeah. Cats.