Friday, February 12, 2010

Queen Gwenevere by Queen Gwenevere

Behold, a Blog! And what better way to start a blog named "Queen Gwenevere" than by posting sketches of, er, Queen Gwenevere. (Queen Gwenevere the character, that is. Not Queen Gwenevere the blogmeister.) Right. Well, Queen Gwenevere plays a pivotal part in my as-yet-unborn webcomic, and to celebrate the nearing of an eventual launch, I wanted to paint the Queen's official portrait, in full glamorous renaissance style - pillars and draperies galore.

Queen Gwenevere - Final Working DrawingSo here's the final working drawing, unless I change my mind (again) - the original is 18 x 24 inches, so there's no way I'm scanning it, so this is the best shot I could wring out of my ancient crappy point-n-shoot camera...

Rough variant sketches of Queen GwenevereAnd how often do I change my mind, you might ask. Aheh. Well. This often... here's the sequence of rough sketches that came before the final sketch. Basically there came a point where I had to say "enough already!", pick a sketch, and go for it.

Anyhow. I've picked the last variation, gridded it up, and turned it into the (hopefully final) drawing above... Now I'll make a transfer from that, throw an extra coat of acrylic on a canvas, and start painting that sucker. Labor-intensive? You bet - but once I start painting it'll be such fun.

(Making transfers is NOT fun, though. Watch me procrastinate on that.)

Er, I think you have to click on the images to see them at any proper size... I can't seem to make them display at 100% here... (give me a break, I'm new at this.)

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