Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Blog Schedule! Starting Today with Sketchy Sunday

New plan! So I realize I keep letting this blog slide, what with the usual unpredictable crazy work schedule and crazy side projects and so forth... Not good. Usually what happens is either I don't have time to scan things, or I just plain old forget to update what with everything else going on. However, if I give myself a structured update schedule, I'll have a routine and can (hopefully) keep this thing running smoothly. That, plus a decent backlog of scans... (I think I have enough to be getting on with for now.)

So here's the plan: There will be three updates a week! Updates will most likely be short and sweet. The schedule will be...

  • Whatever Wednesday: As it says on the tin, whatever!
  • Figure Friday: Figure drawings and related material
  • Sketchy Sunday: Rough sketches, on-the-spot action sketches, doodles, etc.

Today is Sketchy Sunday! With Random Park Dogs! (Well, one dog. I think her name was "Mia". She came over and sniffed at my sketchbook briefly.)

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