Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Whatever Wednesday: Double Rainbows

Look out world, I'm attempting landscape studies from life! Because everyone says this is a good way to learn about color and light, and I'm inclined to agree. These are tiny little things, done with gouache (okay, gouache might not be the best media for this, but I wanted a super-small super-portable kit that I can take on my daily walks, and gouache works great for that.) (I would do watercolor, but watercolor is a tricky beast unto itself. I'll probably tackle that later.) Expect more! Expect them to get better! (I hope...)

What's cool is that on the very first day I attempted this, we had a perfect double rainbow. So of course that's what I tried to paint. While getting slightly rained on. (I can't vouch for the results, the actual rainbow was mostly gone before I even got my paints out...) The second picture is a bit of roof outside my window that was catching the light under a storm cloud, it was kind of a neat effect...

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