Thursday, July 19, 2012

Whatever Wednesday: WIPs

Not really Wednesday, but whatever. It was 100 degrees on Wednesday, I didn't even dare turn on the computer. TOO DAMN HOT. My computer would melt and so would I.

Anyway, in spite of (or because of) the heat, I've been getting a fair amount of painting done. I'm trying to finish the cover for my webcomic first of all, so I can launch that thing... Of course I planned something ludicrously complicated, so it's taking forever, haha. Here's some details of the WIP... WAY too many fiddly little columns and arches, as you can see. Worse, I made the boneheaded decision to paint this on canvas, at a small size, with tiny details. The smallest columns are maybe 4 millimeters wide; one canvas bump is maybe 1 millimeter across. This means I'm fighting the canvas texture every inch of the way, and it's slow going... I should really have used board or something, but too late now, I just wanna get this thing done. Getting there... About a third to go!

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