Sunday, January 20, 2013

Character Development Special: The Red Witches

Time for another Character Development Special! Meet the Three Red Witches: Chic, classy, cunning, and possibly nefarious. They are first fully seen on page twenty-three of the Wayward Queen... (but they may be lurking on earlier pages.)

There are three sisters, all redheads, all witches, all flawlessly dressed. Minerva is the snooty one:
Athena is the nerdy one:
And Bellona's the ho:
The feathers do serve a purpose, which shall be seen later in the comic...

These ladies go back to the rambling make-it-up-as-you-go-along story that first spawned the Queen. Back then, they didn't have very defined personalities, but they did have red hair. (And really, if you have red hair and a black wardrobe, what else do you need, right?) Here's some of what I have from that incarnation:
Later, when I started developing the Wayward Queen sometime around 2005, I resurrected the Three Red Witches and added them to my cast of (more or less) villains. Of course if they were going to make the cut, they were going to need personalities. Here's a mess of doodles and sketches I made in the course of fleshing them out:
And here's the semi-official sketches I used as rough model sheets when drawing the first batch of comic pages:

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