Saturday, February 23, 2013

Character Development Special: Schwartz

Meet Schwartz, the unprepossessing! Schwartz is Saralactra's chief minion, (and probably the only minion who could actually be called a minion...) An occult engineer aided by a team composed of his seven sons (none of whom take after him, thank goodness,) Schwartz is utterly devoted to Saralactra and may be the only person at present who really believes in her and her plans. The rest of the team is strictly in it for the pay. You could say Schwartz is Saralactra's Igor. (Schwartz and his infamous flyer first come to the fore in The Wayward Queen around page thirty-two...)
Schwartz has been Saralactra's minion/assistant ever since the early rambling story that preceded The Wayward Queen. Frankly, he hasn't changed much either in appearance, personality, or role. When Sara got hijacked into the Wayward Queen story, Schwartz tagged along. But of course some details needed to be hammered out, especially in the design of his flyer... Here's some of the doodles I went through to figure out exactly what Schwartz and his flyer should look like in the Wayward Queen.

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