Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Wayward Queen Cover Art: "Moving Target"

So I've survived the hurricane, and surprisingly still have power so far! I'm lucky to be in a neighborhood with almost no flooding risk, but we do have a lot of big trees down in the park. These past few years have been terrible for trees. I'm worried about everyone I know in New Jersey and Long Island, I hope things get sorted out soon there, it sounds really bad...

Anyway, with all the excitement and worry, of course I haven't been updating this thing as planned. But I may as well update now. Here's the cover art for Chapter One of my webcomic "The Wayward Queen" - posted on time on Monday despite the onslaught of hurricanes! This cover is all digital for the sake of getting it done quickly.

There were also a lot of life studies made for this thing (loads of hands!) Here's a batch of hands, and here's a bunch of unused poses based on the first set of drawings, and here's the final poses that were used to make the finished painting.

Here's some close-ups and details, since you can hardly see them all in the cover as posted on my comic site:

As with the main cover, I tentatively started this some years ago before getting interrupted by life and everything else. So the first three sketches (below) date from around 2005/2006, I think.

Then I dug it up some years later, did new revised sketches, and finished the painting this year - here's the later drawings and progress states of the final painting:

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