Friday, October 26, 2012

The Wayward Queen Webcomic: IT BEGINS!

Special announcement! My new webcomic is now LIVE! Check it out:

Today's post is the fancy-schmancy cover that took forever to paint. Actual pages will be black and white, with occasional covers and splash screens in color. Be warned that the first sixty pages or so are gonna look really reeeeeally old compared to my current stuff - I started drawing the backlog around 2006, with interruptions. But after that, the art rapidly catches up with my current work. Think of it as a little stroll back through time, with time-skips where I suddenly level up!

The cover is oil on canvas, 14X17 inches, and in retrospect I should probably have either painted it a lot bigger or used something smoother than canvas, because, THOSE DETAILS. SO TINY. ARGH. Trying to paint them on a textured surface was something of an ordeal. Panel would have been perfect, I think. Oh well, live and learn! Life studies for this painting are posted here, here, and here. Up-close details below!

Here's the sketches for the cover, a digital color rough, and progress shots of the acual painting - the first rough doodle was drawn eons ago (2004? 2005?) and then it sort of sat forgotten for a while until I revived it some years later. Then I did the more finished drawing, and started the underpainting - and then it sat AGAIN for a few years, until I hauled it out this year and finished it.

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